Hoods designed to be supplied in component 
form for assembly in difficult locations

Flexibility in use
Designed to the latest international standards

Complies with British Standard 7989 with a velocity at the front opening of 0.5m/sec

Low speed centrifugal fans for added reliability
Employs the latest Carbon and HEPA filtration technology
Independently tested
Low sound levels
Lower total installed cost than conventional Ducted Fume Hoods
Avaliable with Carbon/Toxic Vapour removal and HEPA filtration for a large variety of applications
Many chemical processes can be carried out using Ductless or Filtration Fume Hoods which provide 
a flexible solution to problems ducting harmful chemical vapours away from the laboratory. These 
Hoods offer a cost effective solution to these problems, save energy and eliminate the release of 
harmful chemical vapours into the outside environment. They also safeguard the health of laboratory 
staff by preventing toxic and often carcinogenic vapours being inhaled. The Staftech range of Fume 
and Containment Hoods have been designed to satisfy the requirements of Brithsh Standard 7989 
and other International standards which requires an air velocity through the front opening of 0.5m/sec. 
This velocity is deemed by internation experts as being necessary to ensure containment of the harmful 
aerosols generated within the cabinet enclosure. This air is drawn over the work area and up through 
the pre-filter, carbon filter and discharged back to the laboratory. For some applications it is necessary 
to work with low risk biological material and also a combination of both biological and chemical materials 
Special HEPA and HEPA/Carbon combination filters are available for these applications.