Laminar Downflow Hood


Designed and tested to satisfy EN 14644 Class 5 and US Federal Standard 209 Class 100

Low speed centrifugal fans for added reliability

Internal design of enclosure matched to filter outlet to ensure a smooth laminar flow profile to satisfy international standards

Independently tested

Low sound levels around 55 dBA

Acrylic sheet enclosure to increase operator comfort whilst working and enhance laboratory safety


Lighting by low energy fluorescent tubes mounted outside the working area

There is a requirement in many laboratories and manufacturing facilities to prevent contamination of the work going on inside an enclosure from the surrounding areas. The Staftech Laminar Downflow Hood provides a clean or sterile environment within the hood for this type of work to be carried out. They can be used to provide sterile conditions for the manipulation of non-hazardous biological material or alternatively to provide clean conditions for the manufacture of industrial products such as gyroscopes and hydraulic valves. Three widths of unit are available, 800mm, 1200mm and 1500mm and they are designed to sit on a standard laboratory bench.