Laminar Downflow Recirculation Cabinets


Laminar air flow pattern to provide cleanliness level better than Class 5 to EN 14644 and USFederal Standard 209 Class 100

Internal design of the enclosure matched to the filter outlet to ensure a smooth laminar flow profile without turbulence

Low speed centrifugal fans for low sound level and increased reliability

Combines a sterile working environment with an inward flow at the front opening to provide additional protection for the operator

Lighting by low energy fluorescent tubes
located outside the working area

Acrylic sheet enclosure to increase operatorcomfort and enhance laboratory safety

Automatic digital air flow monitoring system with visual and audible alarms

Models available for PCR applications with UV lamp and timer


There is a requirement in laboratories for Laminar Downflow Cabinets which provide a sterile working environment combined with an inward air flow at the front opening to prevent aerosols from the work escaping into the laboratory. In addition to satisfying these requirements, they need to occupy the minimum bench space in the laboratory. The STAFtech range of compact Laminar Downflow Recirculation Carbinets provides a working area continuously flushed with filtered air with an air quality better than Class 5 to ISO EN 14644 and Class 100 to US Federal Standard 209. The units are designed to fit on a normal laboratory bench and are available in three standard sizes, 800, 1200 and 1500mm wide.