Particulate Filters for Laminar Flow and Other Contamination Control Applications


Fully Tested to British Standard 3928 and EN 1822 Class H 14 or higher depending on the application

Filter material from 100% Glass Fibre

Aluminium Alloy Casings for rigidity

Special sizes available to suit customers applications

Scanning using DOP Aerosol Photometer

Particulate Filters are an essential component in most Contamination Control applications. The Staftech range of HEPA/ULPA filters can be used in Clean Rooms, Sterile Suites, Laminar Flow Hoods and Biological Safety cabinets.

When fitted in Clean Rooms, Sterile Rooms and Laminar Flow Hoods they will produce air qualities to satisfy US Federal Standard 209 Class 10 upwards and Class 5 to EN 14644. When used in biological applications they will produce sterile air for the manipulation of biological materials to prevent contamination or alternatively to prevent hazardous biological material being inhaled by operators or discharged to the environment.