Portable Clean Rooms



Tubular metal frame

High density PVC curtains to form the boundaries of the clean area

Sizes to suit the customer’s requirements

Can be built and located in any site with a level floor

Ventilation Filter Unit with HEPA filter to supply clean air at positive pressure

Easy to re-locate to another site when required

Suitable for clean room air qualities of Class 100 and above to US Federal Standard 209


Want an inexpensive and easily constructed clean room for temporary use or for location over a piece of process equipment. Then the Staftech concept of Portable Clean Rooms utilising easy build metal frames is the one for you. Rooms or cubicles can be built to any size. The clean air is supplied using our standard range of Ventilation Filter Units fitted with filters to Eu standard H14 which means the air supplied meets the requirements of EN 14644 Class 5 or US Federal Standard 209 Class 100.