Powder Control Booth


Smooth interior for east cleaning

High Efficiency Filters to Eu Standard H 14 to provide a sterile air supply

Lighting by low energy fluorescent tubes mounted outside the working area

Filters in the rear of the Booth to take out hazardous powders

Re-circulating air flow pattern to extend filter life and minimise replacement costs

Sliding entrance door

Slow running centrifugal fans run at low speed for long life and low sound levels

In many processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry it is necessary when handling toxic powders to ensure the minimum exposure to the operator. In addition in most applications it is essential to carry out the process in a clean or sterile environment. This also means that the weighing, dispensing and handling of powders can be isolated from other processes within the manufacturing area.

The Staftech Powder Control Booths are custom designed to suit the individual application and can be tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. The air pattern within the booth flows through a bank of filters mounted in the ceiling of the booth, over the process and into a series of filtration stages to remove any toxic powders. The air is then re-circulated to extend the life of the main filters and to produce either a slight negative or positive pressure to suit the application.