Ventilated filter unit with Carbon filter to
adsorb toxic vapours
Large storage capacity with use of minimum floor space
Low sound level less than 50 dbA

Fully satisfies the international guidelines for Chemical storage and Health and safety Regulation SR24 in UK
Tray type shelves to catch minor spillages
Large capacity spillage tray with adsorbant mat in case of accidental spillage
Ventilated Chemical and Specimen Storage Cabinet
It is often necessary to store small volumes of chemicals and specimens in the laboratory 
and the vapours released from these materials are toxic and can cause damage to the 
health of the laboratory staff. The Staftech Ventilated Chemical and Specimen Storage 
Cabinets have been designed to provide safe facilities for the storage of these materials 
in the laboratory. The cabinet is ventilated at between 25 and 35 air changes per hour 
which is well above the International guidelines for this type of cabinet and the air is passed 
through a Carbon filter to ensure that chemical vapours are taken out from the air stream. 
The treated air is then passed safely back into the laboratory. The option of discharging 
the treated air to outside is also available for additional safety. These units are essential to 
protect laboratory staff from inhaling dangerous often carcinogenic vapours and preventing 
long term damage to the health of laboratory personnel.