Ventilation Filter Units


Two types of unit are available for filtering out hazardous particulate materials or chemical vapours and alternatively as Laminar Flow Units to provide positive or negative pressure to an enclosed cabinet or room.

Can be fitted with a variety of filters to suit the customer’s application

Low speed centrifugal fans for long life and low sound levels


Independently tested

Can be mounted in any position to suit the application


There are many applications where a small ventilation containing a pre-filter, fan and main filter unit is needed to filter the room air or provide a means of ventilation at positive or negative pressure.

The range of units 21 to 23 provide a means of re-circulating the room air through a chemical vapour removal filter to take out such vapours as Formaldehyde and Phenol. They can also be combined with filters to take out particulate material at the same time. These units can be fixed to any convenient wall or alternatively placed on a frame within the room to be used as room air circulators


The range of units VFU 31 and 32 provide a laminar flow of filtered air which can be used for clean air cabinets, small cubicles or booths. They can be used to provide a positive or negative flow in all these applications. They can also be used to give ventilation at negative or positive pressure to larger rooms to provide clean or sterile rooms or containment rooms. The air quality provided by the units complies with the requirements of Class 5 to ISO EN 14644 and to the US Federal Standard 209 Class 100.